Tube Tycoon

Tube Tycoon is a YouTube simulator game that is in beta and free-to-play. You can choose where your YouTube career will lead by choosing which type of videos you want to focus on. Become a YouTube star by increasing your popularity and your video content!


It is available in English and in Polish (as the game developer is Polish). There is also a MacOS version available but it is in experimental mode.

Only heard about Tube Tycoon when I saw an episode of Jacksepticeye playing it, while waiting for another Dead Rising 2 episode to come out (which sadly never did happen). Decided to give it quick look out of curiosity since I had some time to spare before going to get some sleep. Figured it might take me a few minutes to an hour at max. I did not anticipate it being addicting at all. It is actually a great little game to play if you are looking to pass time quickly as well.

I spent way too much time on this game before I finally was free from the addiction. Those days and hours I spent on this game. Worth it though considering I had more money and subscribers than I knew what to do with. To the point my money was out of the bar and rent money was mere pocket change to me. If only I was that insanely rich in real life…anyways!1On a side-note, I still find it hilarious how the game’s introduction is very similar to how every Pokémon game starts. It just always reminds me of Pokémon’s introduction.

The game is not meant to be realistic as far as I know despite it being called a simulator, does it matter though?

Even though it is in beta still, it runs extremely smooth and I never found any bugs or glitches. However, I just loved the interface design for its simplicity and intuitiveness. The graphics were very easy on the eyes as well and fit well with the design. There is no background music or sounds in the game which is both a pro and con. Depending on how you look at it, the con is if you have nothing playing in the background, it is going to be very silent. The pro however is that you can play whatever music, stream or video you want in the background to fill in the void.5The game has its own “skill trees” which are the videos you can publish. Different branches lead to different content you can produce and yes, you do need skill points to unlock them. It is a shame you can’t unlock all the skill trees. What if I wanted to do ALL the videos? Although thinking it on now, it is not really a bad thing. In a way, it gives you a sense of specialization.

The comments section is done amazingly well to give a feel of realism. You get both fans and haters in the comments with some having typos. Well done developer!

Anyways, the game gives you three recording session slots which you can fill in with your main content (i.e. games) which will show you its interest bar to help you gauge when a series no longer is attractive to your viewers. You can also do vlogs or make videos answering to the tags you been tagged in. You have an energy bar as well, so once your energy is down, you cannot produce anymore videos. So hit the hay to start a new day and see how well you did.6You can also leave your office but you can only go to two other locations. They are the Game Shop which you can’t really do much in as of yet, so that is a mystery still awaiting to be unfolded. The second location is more interesting. The home of the mysterious Brotherhood who can brew potions to give you boosts. They are extremely important to your success in the game. The potions they can brew a range from: increasing your energy permanently, reduce publishing times, more experience points per video and so forth. Trust me when I say you will be visiting this area often when you are able too.

To those who are interested in playing the game or even donating can go ahead and click this to reach the official site or at the beginning of the post.

Definitely will be playing the game when it gets fully released!


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