Dystopixelia (Episode One) is an indie 8-bit platformer game developed by Kvantpant, which is available on Gamejolt and Itch.io, released on February 25th, 2015.

I was disappointed to find out that Dystopixelia is no longer being worked on since its release, as Kvantpant’s last tweet was in March 2015.

The game is described by Kvanpant as a  “story driven by dystopian horror platformer,” where you play as a character simply named ID-22. A software technician working Life Inc., you hate your job and often come to work late. After coming in to work late yet again due to oversleeping, you are informed that ‘The Management’ wants to see you.

Of course, everyone knows that those are called to see ‘The Management’ are never seen again. You’d think anyone going to their possible impending doom would try to stall it as long as possible, but nope, you sprint full speed ahead towards your fate.

Who knew that such a simple thing would lead to possible end of the world as you know it?


Kvantpant has used the retro 8-bit pixel style and a groovy 80’s soundtrack impressively throughout the game. The soundtrack does take a backseat when you are trying to avoid dying, as death will take you back to the beginning of the level. At one point I was screaming internally because I was dying repeatedly in the same level, at the same spot, over and over again cause my sense of timing is horrible.

In Dystopixelia: episode one you can expect to engage in gunfights, hiding from enemies, jumping across rooftops and gaps in a sewer level.

The biggest disappointment I have with Dystopixelia is that episode one can be finished in approximately 20 minutes. I was getting into the story and the mystery of what “it” was, and then the game was over, leaving me disappointed.

check out this sweet kick I can do! HIYAAAAH!
Look at this bad-ass kick I can do though, HIYAH!

Regardless of the game’s shortness, I hope that Kvantpant continues working on Dystopixelia as I believe it has a lot of potential, and would love to see how the future episodes turn out. Even though it was short, it was enjoyable and succeeds in having players wanting more.


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