Importing Blues

So today I noticed something odd when I looked over at the today’s top 3 posts. One of the posts had a broken image link, whereupon investigating the post revealed it had more than one broken image link.

After fixing it, I decided to check to ensure none of the other posts had the same issue…but to my dismay, they did. All 24 pages worth of posts, at least over half of them had missing images. Thankfully most were salvageable by simply replacing the images from the media library. Sadly for some, the images did not get imported from the export I did of my old blog for whatever reason, and I do not have a backup of the images either. I spent the last several hours going through each post and fixing them so right now it is 1:44am on Wednesday and I started this at about…7.30pm Tuesday evening.

With this task finished, I am now going to bed. I am probably going to spend the rest of tomorrow fixing my Google+ page which I have for the blog. Once I fix that, I’ll put the link leading to the page back up.



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