AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a free idle/clicker game available on Steam, App Store/Google Play, PS4 and on Kongregate. How much time I have put into the game already alarms me greatly, please, don’t play this game. SAVE YOURSELVES!

Idle games or clicks are games in theory that play by themselves. In AdVenture Capitalist, you are a budding entrepreneur with lemonade stands working your way up to world domination. Once you get things started, you can eventually hire managers who will automate the clicking process for you, even earning money for you while you are offline. I must admit this is my favorite thing about AdVenture Capitalist since afterwards, all I need to do is check in once in a while, make some more investments then close it to let it earn money offline.

Aw yes
4 months of offline profits, aw yes

Everything about this game is about earning money. You earn money to buy more things, to earn more glorious cash. Watching those numbers roll is such a beautiful sight. It is extremely hypnotic.

In the beginning however, I did not even quit, much less alt-tab. Instead, I moved it onto another screen (the advantages of having dual monitors) while I worked on something else on my primary monitor. Every once in a while I’ll look over to see if I can make another purchase or if I have enough investors to collect.

You initially start with a lemonade stand, so you use the money to buy/invest more in lemonade stands to increase the money earned by them. Once you hit a certain threshold, like 25 lemonade stands for example, both its profits and speed doubles. This repeats again when you collect 50 and so forth. Eventually you would have earned enough money to invest in another business like a car washing business. The process rinses and repeats as you amass your fortune, you will eventually conquer most of Earth’s available investments. Although you have not truly conquered it till you have collect every single available upgrade to you. However, let’s just pretend being able to invest in all businesses on Earth equals to you conquering it.


As you invest and earn more money with your investments, you also collect what is known as ‘angel investors’. These angels can only be used to buy ‘angel upgrades’ which give a significant boost to your profit levels and hire better managers. Essentially it helps make your profit-making a bit easier, and seeing how much you are earning. Once you claim your angelic investors, you find you will need to rebuild your empire from the ground up once more. I usually found this to be a hassle but once you get to a certain point, getting back to where you were is not that hard actually. Depending on what angelic upgrades you chosen. I just recommend not claiming those angels till you get a high number.

Another way to boost your profits is to convert your profits into ‘mega bucks’, you need 10 of them to create a ‘mega ticket’ (I like to call them golden tickets). Mega Tickets are a one-time use item that permanently boosts the profits earned by the investment you use it on. If I remember correctly, mega tickets boost profit production by 7.77%. So in short, a permanent profit surge.

If conquering the Earth is not enough, when you earn enough of that sweet cash, you can go to space! Because why stop there when you can dominate the economies of the Moon and Mars! All we need now is an update for the universe so you can say you conquered the universe and control its economy.

Out of the three, you are most likely to finish Mars completely as in every single investment is bought. It was the first one I finished. I still have to ‘beat’ Earth and the Moon, I am predicting that the Moon will be the last one to beat.


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