L4D2 Custom Campaign: The Hive

The Hive is a custom campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 available on the Steam Community Workshop and on gamemaps.com. The Hive is a recreation of several different locations from the Resident Evil Franchise (both games and film).To name a few recreations that you will see in this campaign, you will see ‘the hospital’ from Resident Evil: Nemesis, ‘Spencer Mansion’ from GameCube’s Resident Evil and the entire ‘Hive’ location from the Resident Evil movie (2002). The campaign was created by Texeon NURV, with help from some members of the Left 4 Dead 2 modding community. They mainly provided Texeon with support in areas such as modelling, graphical help or giving permission to use their add-ons in the campaign.

IMPORTANT: if you are downloading this from the Steam workshop, the campaign is in seven parts, so you need to download all seven parts to make sure the campaign works. The workshop version will most likely give you an error message upon loading the game, however you can simply ignore it. The error is a result of the campaign ‘parts’ share add-ons information to link which causes the game to falsely think there is a conflict.


  • Maps perfectly recreate the locations seen in the movies and game (great detailing too!)
  • Maps have very good length – not too long and not too short
  • Choice between disabling bots and music
  • Original music and voice overlay from Resident Evil
  • Directional arrows to guide players in areas that are confusing to navigate through
  • Good item/weapon placement
  • Laser scene – legit thought one of us was going to die in it



  • In the first map, literally at the beginning, apparently there isn’t enough primary weapons for all players. I was the only one who didn’t get a primary weapon in the beginning – luckily I managed to find myself a hunting rifle because I wanted to explore the hospital roof 🙂
  • Finale – climbing over cars. We got stuck a lot which often resulted of us being swarmed by zombies or getting absolutely owned by the tank. That area was basically a tank’s wet dream.

My main disappointment with this campaign was the lack of primary weapons for all players in the initial starting area. Considering there are four players and yet there was enough for only three players. It leaves one player at a disadvantage which felt unfair. Although as I mentioned earlier, it was rectified when I found a tier 2 weapon on the hospital roof, simply because I wanted to explore. I believe it was the finale map, I loved the fact on our first attempt that instead of logically seeking shelter downstairs, we went upstairs. Although that was more in the case of me blindly following Kaz and not voicing that thought out-loud till we were already overwhelmed by the horde. Our realization that we messed up was hilarious. I still hate what I dub as the “Tank’s wet dream” zone since it was easily navigable and allows the tank to wipe players out in one move with ease.

While I have not see the first Resident Evil move or most of the game incarnations of the game, I did recognize some of the locations and felt they were recreated faithfully. The navigation arrows were really helpful as well, especially in the maps that had a lot of confusing paths such as labs seen in the screenshot above. While we did not disable the bot survivors and music, the option to do so was a good touch. The music and voice overlay was the aspect I enjoyed the most out of the features that Texeon added to this campaign. On a whole, I found The Hive to be a solid and enjoyable custom campaign to play.


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