Stories Untold: The Station Process [Ep3]

The Station Process is the third story in the Untold Stories collection. This time you are at Greenland, at an isolated weather station.

As I mentioned earlier, you are in charge of the radio/research station 3. While you can hear your co-workers on the radio, you are unable to communicate with them. How convenient.

I am not sure if I mentioned this in either post regarding the first two episodes, but I enjoy the opening cinematic for each episode. The opening movie and setting for each episode is unique to each story. The variety of environments helped make each episode feel like an independent game, and keep the players’ attention. Based on my experiences on all three episodes, each episode has its own unique story and game mechanic, how it all ties in together if at all remains a mystery.


As I mentioned in earlier post, each episode seems to bring their own unique scenario/setting and a unique mechanic to that story. In The House Abandon it was purely a text-based game, in The Lab Conduct there is point-and-click elements along with text-based gameplay. In The Station Process, there are several elements going on. Some of the things you will be doing in the Station Process are: attuning to a specific radio frequency to get a number code, decoding that number code to get a specific code word and then finding the specific file under that code name. As for the rest, I will let you find that out on your own.

The only downside I experienced so far is how soft the voice on the radio was. I had to turn my volume up quite a fair bit in order to make out the numbers.

While typing the instructions out, you need to make sure that you type everything correctly. If you get one of the lines wrong, you will be stuck till you figure your mistake out. I was stuck on the second file wondering why it was not being sent out, turns out I needed to add that full stop I skipped over. So typing those instructions correctly is a must. It also happened to remind me of programming classes.


I found the reference to the GCS coma scale to be particularly interesting. It makes me wonder whether the character you are playing as is a victim of an accident and in a coma subsequently.


Using the file reader can be a bit finicky to use. I had a lot of trouble rotating the files around since it never seemed to rotate the way I wanted it to go. You also have to adjust the viewer till you are able to clearly read the text on the files. Not a major issue but something to keep in mind.

The extra weather stations were a nice touch, not sure if they were always there or if they appeared when you got to a certain point in the story. Regardless, it was good to hear some background information in regards to what was going on.

I find it interesting that you are once again a man named Aition. This leads me to believe that Aition is the main character of all episodes. Based on the fact for episodes two and three, you play as Aition.

My favorite part was when you actually got to walk around. Although I still would like to know what attacked me. Seeing the full environment for the first time while hearing your co-worker on the radio was just chilling. With the snow and the isolated environment, it reminded me of The Thing which I believe I ended up watching for the first time after I played this.


I did find it interesting there seemed to be a hallucination of a car accident, which lends further credence in my theory of the player character who may be Aition was a victim of an accident and in a coma. The stairs at the end were bit tricky to navigate since I somehow managed to get stuck? I could not go down the stairs till I backtracked a bit and went down the stairs on an angle.

The Lab Conduct is still my favorite but The Station Process is a very close second. The story build up in Stories Untold is truly well-done, I enjoyed the pacing and having that sense of dread slowly increase. Instead of having you do the usual typing to direct events, the text mechanic is used as a part of your job. That was new compared to the first two episodes. Now that I have done the third episode out of four episodes… all which is remains is to tackle the fourth and final episode of Stories Untold: The Final Session.

Fun fact: I got a scare when I heard the loud noise and nearly spat my drink out. My left knee jerked reflexively and hit my knee under my desk. The pain was real guys.


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