Stories Untold: The Final Session [Ep4]

The Final Session is the finale to the Untold Stories series. In this fourth and final story, we will finally get our answers and see how the other episodes are linked together.

WARNING: if you intend to play this episode, please be aware there is a lot of flashing lights involved similar to the second episode. If you have photosensitive epileptic seizures, please avoid this episode or game.

2nd Warning: Mild spoilers ahead

No thanks, I’ll just go the other way thanks.

The first thing we see will be the obligatory opening cinematic that has played in other episodes. However, it gets interrupted by someone who appears to be a nurse or doctor. Looking around the room prior to leaving suggests the cinematic is actually the opening sequence for a horror movie you been watching. Presumably to simulate your mind.

My theory that I had in The Station Process was proven correct. You do play as a James Aition who was involved in an accident and was subsequently in a coma.

You are wheeled into what appears to be an observation room with a tape recorder and a video camera. The doctor reveals the previous episodes were a result of Aition’s memories and imagination (most likely from the ‘horror’ film) clashing together. The Final Session is all about getting the answers: the real events behind each episode.

First problem I noticed while playing The Final Session is when I noticed the dialogue and subtitles did not match. The doctor is says “we can do this” but the subtitles say “you can do this”. I experienced about two more issues which happens shortly after this scene. While you return to episode 3 (The Station Process) as the doctor explains what is really going on in episode 3. Turns out the numbers you were hearing was your family using number puzzles to encourage you to wake up from your coma.


As you may know if you played or read my review for The Station Process, you had to type numbers into the computer to get the corresponding code word reference. I was actually stuck on that since it kept saying I entered the wrong numbers. I am relatively sure I entered the numbers correctly the first time but hey, I eventually passed this hurdle and promptly hit another one. The next one was a result of me not realizing it was case-sensitive. While this is not a big deal now, it was for me at the time since I was getting increasingly frustrated wondering why I was not progressing. I actually had to search up a guide and saw it was case-sensitive. My bad.

As James Aition returns to each episode and re-experiences it, you begin to piece together the events that led up to your coma. You will switch between replaying those episodes and being able to walk around exploring the hospital in first-person. I immensely enjoyed being able to walk around and just explore since the episodes with exception to the third episode, you were stationary. While episode 3 had some walking around, it was towards the end and as a very short segment of the story. So this made a nice change of pace for me during my Stories Untold experience.


I must say though, the officer you hear speak during The Final Session seems very aggressive. Although I suppose that can be explained away when you hear what he has to say about everything. Regardless, I felt he was overly aggressive, more so than necessary.

My favorite was when you were exploring the hospital and reading the text. The stillness of the abandoned hospital, reading text such as “you feel a presence behind you” and more just creeped me out. I actually turned around expecting something to be behind me.

I could done without re-experiencing true events of episode two (The Lab Conduct) though. The House Abandon re-experience however…oh boy. Let’s just say it got chilling fast but it is the most important episode you need to replay.

The Final Session was a fitting conclusion to Stories Untold as it wraps up the stories nicely, while explaining everything to the player. A fantastic little psychological horror game that mixed text-based gameplay elements with others to create an experience.


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