The following article is written by D.K, a member of eRegime, a forum based game.

There is another older article that covered eRegime, that was written by Dawaldo that I previously posted on their behalf as well.

edit (7/1/2018) – It seems the link provided is no longer in use although the forums are still present. It appears they moved the forums elsewhere, it will need confirmation. 

eRegime is a forum for forum games founded in February 2012. Its roots stretch all the way back to 2001 through earlier communities. It runs all kinds of games such geopolitical, historical, alternate history, fantasy, etc. The most famous example is Balance of Power, which was created in 2007 by Ismail and based off an old DOS game of the same name in which players join as countries and try to avert nuclear war.

Users come from all over the Internet to participate. They do not merely play ready-made forum games, but are able to suggest their own and are given the means to run them (such as moderator powers over however many forum areas they need to run their game).

Even though the forum has no rules, it is able to regulate itself through the high standards shared by its community as well as through a “government” consisting of representatives of the users elected every two years. This system governing the forum has worked very well since it was first introduced in 2013, and exactly 100 users took part in the 2016 election. The forum administration led by Ismail and tyulpan is therefore able to draw on the active involvement of the users, who have promoted eRegime through a Steam group, Twitter, Facebook, and other means.

Chris Crawford (creator of the original Balance of Power DOS game) Jim Gasperini (creator of the DOS game Hidden Agenda), David J. Eastman (creator of the DOS games Floor 13 and Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator) and Derek Smart have expressed interest in the games run on eRegime since a lot of the games draw on “retro” role-playing and tabletop themes that don’t really exist in modern gaming.

The URL is:


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