A Date in the Park

A Date in the Park is a free point-and-click developed by Cloak and Dagger Games. You play as a man named Lou, who recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal. You have met a beautiful woman named Catarina at a bar during a night out, she invites you to meet her again at a local park the following day. You agreed and are now standing outside the park.First thing you will notice is that Lou is unable to understand Portuguese at all, thus making the language barrier part of the experience. Unless you happen to understand Portuguese which will enable you to understand the story a little more.

20170512175104_1The game uses digitized graphics and animated sprites. I have no idea why but it feels very 90s. I actually would love to know how they did that since it looks like they filmed it then digitized it then added the animated sprites. According to the Steam Store page description, it is set in a real park in Lisbon.

You are given a map to help navigate your way around the park, and that map is immensely helpful. At least till you figure your way around the park. I only needed to get around the park once and look the map a few more times, before I did not need it anymore. The only downside is that you will be doing a lot of backtracking throughout the park. On the bright side, you have a save system that you can use.

Where did he even keep that….

In terms of playing time, the game is relatively short. You can knock this out between thirty minutes to an hour. I took a little over an hour because I was having trouble triggering the next sequence of the game. Turns out I did not move enough to the left to reveal the balloon. So if you choose to play this, make sure when going after the balloon, to move over to the left to reveal the balloon and interact with it.

Although you can see things may get messy towards the end, I did enjoy the puzzle mystery. The whole idea of playing the game to find where your date is was quite enjoyable. They made great use of the entire park.

A date in the park begins with the promise of new love, before it turns into mystery and finally, into…well I will let you find that out. It is a short point-and-click game that is free on the Steam Store. The graphics had a very 90s vibe to it with its digitized and animated sprites. If you enjoyed A Date in the Park, Cloak and Dagger Games are working on a new game called Football Game, which promises to be a dark thriller point-and-click game. Football Game is currently on Steam Greenlight.


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