Travel the quirky world of Wunderdoktor, a traveling doctor who cures his patients of their strange and sometimes disturbing ailments. Wunderdoktor was developed by Ghostbutter, a two-person team and released on Steam on October 12th, 2017.

I found out about this game from TheRPGMinx and was intrigued by the art and gameplay. I bought it shortly after watching the video because I have no impulse control and I was sold on the idea of being able to slap ghosts with a fly swatter.

I mean seriously, you can slap ghosts and patients as part of the treatment. Who would not be sold on that?

There is a small ‘Papers Please’ vibe from Wunderdoktor, instead of being in a little booth with your loudspeaker to bring forth the people you lay judgment upon, you’re calling patients in with your little bell while in a traveling train carriage. When patients arrive, you have to figure out how to treat their ailments; whether it’s popping pimples. (disturbingly) shoving their eyes back into the socket or scooping the innards of mysterious growths off patients.

While treating your patients, you with the help of your medical stone gargoyle assistant, uncover the conspiracy behind Quack Co. A mysterious organization that has a monopoly on selling medical elixirs and potions.

One of the challenges I experienced in this game, that does not include the ‘boss’ level was the musical melodies. Even with headphones on, I barely was able to hear the musical notes or differentiate them. Maybe I’m just tone deaf. I ended up just guessing till the correct ones lit up, which can be stressful especially when you have a timer. The biggest one was with the partying eggplant guy towards the end of chapter 2. I had enough time and was giving him the right ‘edible’ but he was dying constantly. It took me about five to six attempts before I successfully treated him. It was the only time I felt negatively towards the game. While the boss level attempt, or a ‘sick off’ as the boss described it took me only three attempts to beat.

Edit (27/10/17): Philip Feller, the animator and game designer behind Wunderdoktor just informed me, in the most recent patch changed the musical puzzles and made it easier 🙂

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Gameplay wise, despite relying on the point and click mechanics, Wunderdoktor manages to make each patient feel unique. I did not feel any sense of repetitiveness. The game does feel rather casual, and if you accidentally….kill fail to cure the patient, you can always try again with no real consequence (thank god considering I failed to cure that partying eggplant guy six times).

The train carriage changing its appearance to fit with the location and yet still look unique was fantastic. Combined with the art style, I just loved the train carriage despite being stationary for the whole game with the point and click mechanics. You are in the garden city? Your train carriage is now super mossy and leafy. Even the bird delivering you the news at the start of each chapter, I loved the fact it wore a diver’s helmet at chapter four. I actually laughed at that because it was just too adorable. That is one very determined little bird that is dedicated to delivering the news. No matter where you are.


When not treating patients, I like to bake pastries 


Wunderdoktor has a total of five chapters (six if you include the small epilogue), so it is not a very lengthy game. From what I have seen on the Steam reviews, most have finished the game within a few hours. I, myself have finished Wunderdoktor just under two hours. Although I am disappointed at the lack of impact from the little hidden ‘side quests’ you can do, especially in the fourth chapter. I feel there should be more of an influence on the story if players choose to do fulfill those optional objectives.

Overall, Wunderdoktor was an enjoyable and casual puzzle solving experience. I did enjoy the plot behind the game, I do wish there was a bit more backstory behind Quack Co. though. The game’s quirky art style helps it stand out from the crowd by being gruesome yet oddly cute at the same time. It elicited a few laughs from me with its writing and situational humor.


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