The Longest Night

The Longest Night, created in December 2013 as the first project by the team behind the game Night in the Woods (2016). It is considered a supplemental and canon for the Night in the Wood’s universe.

Gather around the campfire with the cast of Night in the Woods, and join the tradition of Longest Night; finding and tracing all 13 constellations in the night sky.

The Longest Night is a very short narrative experience. Using point-and-click mechanics, you rely on musical cues to connect the stars to create the constellation. Once you created the constellation, Angus (the bear) will reveal the story behind it.

At certain points, Mae (the cat) presumably your character will have a choice of two responses to give. You can choose either one to continue the conversation. Some of the responses are entertaining to read. I enjoyed the fish constellation conversation.


It actually took me a few minutes to figure how to trace the constellations. I had the vague idea that it was related to the musical cues, but was unable to connect the stars till I listened to the cues carefully. In my weak defense, I was playing this really late in the night (past midnight) and was tired. Side note, if you move your cursor over the stars, you could make a really snazzy tune…or just a train wreck of a tune.

The music and art style is really beautiful. I found the soundtrack to be very soothing and relaxing, which fits well in the campfire theme. I enjoyed the various musical cues for the stars, even if it was a little tricky to figure how to complete the constellation at times.

Overall, The Longest Night is a short yet relaxing narrative experience. I found it very relaxing to play as I connected the stars while listening to the in-game soundtrack. The dialogue was well-written and amusing to read. There is a second supplemental called The Lost Constellation which I shall be starting shortly. I do like the idea that the team created these while creating Night in the Woods, as it is considered canon and adds some of the backstory/lore to the Night in the Woods universe. If you want to check out or play The Longest Night yourself, you can either click the hyperlink at the start of the post or use the hyperlink here.


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