Lost Constellation

The Lost Constellation is the second supplemental to Night in the Woods. This time, be transported to the land of bedtime stories as an astronomer tries to fulfill a promise made.

The Lost Constellation was developed in the last few weeks of 2014 by Alec Holowka, Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry. The supplemental game works with both the controller and mouse/keyboard. Compared to The Longest Night, it is much more engaging and has a longer time gameplay-wise. Definitely felt more like a ‘game’ with more plot involved compared to The Longest Night.

Lost Constellation 2017-05-23 19-54-36-20

It begins off with a conversation between Mae and her father. Mae appears to be restless based on her proclamation of robbing a bank. As such, her father decides to tell her a ghost story during Longest Night. Although it feels more like a folk talk or bedtime story rather than an actual ghost story.

You are transported to the world of the fairy tale, playing as an astronomer who journeys into the frozen and ever-changing woods to keep a promise made. As you venture deeper into the woods, you will encounter puzzles that have interesting solutions. The forest changes before your eyes as you walk with trees extending from the ground.

Lost Constellation has a very interesting soundtrack, in terms of the instruments they chose and how it was arranged. Particularly the soundtrack you hear at the beginning, which stuck out the most for me. Speaking of sounds, the chimes in the beginning are super loud when they ring in unison.

I did enjoy the little interludes where conversations between Mae and her father come in, giving players a break from the game. Some of the dialogue, especially Mae’s were funny to read.

Lost Constellation 2017-05-23 20-11-27-16

I think I missed a fair bit though during my play through. I was exploring at the end-game and basically went too far, transitioned scenes and could not go back. I wonder if anything would change if I revisited some places or managed to grab an item I missed.  I might actually launch the game again and see if making different decisions will change anything. Somehow I doubt it will.

I did enjoy the ending, I found it really sweet seeing the promise fulfilled. The melancholy of the ending is of course, tempered once again with Mae and her comical replies to cheer you up. Since these are supplemental to Night in the Woods, the only thing left is to actually get it myself. I may pick Night in the Woods during the Summer Steam Sales. Maybe. Have not quite decided on that yet.

If you want to experience Lost Constellation yourself, once again you can use the hyperlink at the beginning of this post. OR you can use this hyperlink to download it.


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