Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives [Unboxing]

These archives contain manuscripts, token pieces of information and artwork painstaking gathered throughout Dunwall. It has been an arduous journey to collect and archive these tales of our cursed city. It is our hope that you, the reader, will take heed and learn from those long gone as you forge your own destiny. The Dunwell Archives are now yours. 


Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives is the art book for Dishonored, authored by Arkane Studios and published by Dark Horse.

The Dunwall archives provide not only never-before-seen art but the in-depth lore of the world of Dishonored. Including maps of the city, timelines, history, and explanations of everything within the game universe, even those not touched upon.

I received the book in excellent condition, even if I found the meticulous wrapping to be an unexpected battle and a half to get unwrapped. The book is a bit on the smaller side of your average book. The high-quality pages and images within the book, combined with the wealth of information is a great addition to anyone who is a fan of the Dishonored series.

You can purchase this from Bethesda‘s online store for $40 (USD), or on for $25.29 or the Kindle edition for $19.99.




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