L4D2 Custom Campaign: Devil Mountain

The time has come to play Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaigns once more! The dream team duo consisting of Keftable and Kazetomodachi have returned to end the zombie apocalypse:  one rage inducing campaign at a time one bullet at a time. Of course, one does not simply play L4D2 without some shenanigans, mishaps and general chaos thrown into the mix. Devil Mountain is available on the Steam Workshop and on gamemaps.com. It is a 5-part campaign that has survivors fighting their way through suburbs, up through mountainous terrain and eventually at the summit of Devil’s Mountain.


  • Good map length – each map felt they had reasonable length
  • supply placement – ammo stockpiles & gas cans especially were well-placed throughout the campaign.
  • Map/level design – the 2nd map, in particular, reminded me of the forest section of the Yuma campaign
  • Choice of different paths you can take – high or low roads through the mountain and in the caves
  • Day/Night cycle – Not many custom campaigns show the passage of time throughout their campaign (nor do I expect them too), but when it is successfully implemented? Bonus points have to be given


  • Increased Special Infected (S.I)- to be honest, we did not really notice the high spawning rate of the Special Infected. Minus during the second map where I had casually commented to Keftable, that the S.I appeared to be spawning more regularly normal as we were playing on advanced. Other than that, we both felt it was manageable throughout the campaign

Overall, Devil’s Mountain was a well-designed campaign. Mark McDole did a fantastic job in creating unique levels in their environmental design, yet it does not feel out of place. It just transitions smoothly from one map to another. The attention to detail was spot on with players being able to see the progression of time and seeing themselves approach ever closer to the summit.

The map with the park (the third map if I am not mistaken) definitely gives the impression you are making your way through a public park that has two distinct trails. Given that Keftable and I usually play custom campaigns together with two A.I bots, the fact that the bots handled the campaign rather well with picking up the supplies and weapons as needed.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a custom L4D2 campaign to play to try out Devil’s Mountain.

Download links:


L4D2 Steam community workshop 


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