Fallout 4 Mod: Cannibal in Concord

Warning: This mod contains graphic content and NFSW. It contains descriptive lore taken and/or inspired by real-life serial killers and cannibals, that some readers may find immensely disturbing and/or sick. 

While exploring the ruins of Concord, you stumble across an unexceptional looking house.  Having scavenged and investigated the rest of the town, you figure that checking one more building before heading back into the Wastelands wouldn’t hurt.  

Nothing could have prepared you for the sight that greets you as soon you step through the front door…

A Cannibal in Concord by T9X 69, adds a new house location in Concord with a sinister story (and occupant) to accompany it. A Cannibal in Concord was submitted to Nvidia’s Fallout 4 mod contest and made it to the top 5 within the “status” category.

Before I continue on, I appreciated the inclusion of the settings holotape for the mod even if I found the hints to be less than helpful. Oddly enough, I cannot recall if it included a method to debug the mod or not. It is the thought that counts right?


A Cannibal in Concord is visually graphic with disturbing implications written in many of the notes and journal logs, if not stated outright, TT9X 69 undeniably has created an amazing psychological horror/thriller experience. There are puzzle elements within this adventure, in the form of reading the notes to receive hints and looking at your environment.

This is mostly a button/key hunting adventure with some of them hiding in very clever spots, requiring you to move objects around and paying attention to the room you are in. If you are looking where you can run and gun, this is not the mod for you. You will be spending a good portion of your time looking for the hidden keys and buttons. Chances of being frustrated or looking for a walkthrough to find some of those elusive keys/buttons are very high.

Admittedly, I never did figure out where one of the keys was hidden within the basement area. I ended up finding it after in my frustration….after I had thrown a few grenades around in the room, in the hopes it would dislodge the key from its hiding spot. I am still amazed that tactic actually worked. Don’t question my methods, if it worked…good enough right? Looking up a walkthrough never even crossed my mind at the time.


The house was actually a lot more expansive than I had thought it would be. I figured it would be your typical house – a downstairs area with a kitchen and living area, upstairs with a bedroom area more or less. Nope, this house had a kitchen, basement, large bathroom, a bedroom and an office area. The basement was the largest space with several sections within it.  The submerged basement area was the most infuriating area for me. I found it difficult to navigate through the water as I kept getting stuck on the random objects within the water, serving as obstacles/hazards. Not to mention battling with poor visibility to find a button. Needless to say, I was fairly annoyed when I finally found the elusive button in that room.

During my playthrough, I had noticed a glitch where I was seeing floating grass in the house. This was mainly on the stair landing of the second floor of the house, and in the initial room upon entering the basement. I ended up needing to use the toggle grass command in the console. It is difficult to look around with grass obscuring your vision. Asking a friend who played the mod if he encountered the same glitch as me, he confirmed he did not experience this bug. I still have no idea what caused the glitch on my end.


Perhaps gaining a unique item (e.g. weapon, clothing) could be a better choice? So this way players would gain something unique, that could be geared to players that are using the cannibal perk or “evil”-geared characters. The way I see it, it would not be much of a stretch to do as you already can acquire a unique recipe that you can craft “A la dark cravings”. I never actually crafted to see what it does, so I have no idea what it does or what it is. I think it is a drink, but it could be a “medical aid” for all I know.

Given the investigative nature of this mod, based on finding keys and buttons, is it weird I saw this as being a great case for the Valentine Detective Agency to solve? Get put on the case to find a missing person who was last seen in the Concord area.

I think I would enjoy A Cannibal in Concord more if there was less reliance on “find the key/button” mechanic, even if some were cleverly hidden. Given that the cannibal based on his notes and journal logs appears to be extremely intelligent, with resources to have an expansive basement, perhaps an addition to avoiding traps? Have some traps well-hidden or disguised that you need to disable. Given that he has admitted to having sadistic tendencies, I can see him having a booby-trapped maze, similar to the Milton parking garage seen in-game.


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