House Flipper

Be a one-person renovation crew! Buy houses on the real estate market. Clean, paint, repair and remodel houses before selling them for a profit! Take jobs from customers to earn quick cash! Improve your skills and get better tools. 

House Flipper allows players to indulge in their house flipper dreams. You begin with a small office that needs some work done but everyone needs to start somewhere. Speaking of starting somewhere, in order to unlock your full potential as a house renovator or flipper, in this case, you are going to need to do some jobs. The jobs serve as a tutorial for the different skills you need.

The office could do with a good cleaning

Once you have unlocked all your skills, you should have a considerable cash fund to buy your first house or two to renovate and sell on the real estate market. If you are strapped for cash, you could always take on more jobs to get some much-needed funds to continue with your renovation project.

Gameplay wise, the controls are easy to understand and master. Although the question remains: how is a broom/mop able to clean everything, even the unreachable spots of the roof. I would very much like to have this mythical cleaning tool to exist in real life so it can save me a lot of time cleaning the house.

You have plenty to work with to renovate the houses: build or demolish walls, paint, install electronics and put in furniture as you see fit. Your only limitations are your budget and imagination.

What I would have loved to see are:

  1. More variations for the bathroom fixtures. Seeing and installing the same shower over and over again gets boring, especially when you see the houses had a different shower design initially.
  2. Having the option to choose the color scheme for most if not all the available furniture, having it for a select few is nice but I like having my options open.
  3. Having the freedom to remodel the house, as in being able to decide where the plumbing for the bathroom went, where the radiators should be set up and installing air-conditioning in the rooms you think it should be in.
  4. Perhaps being able to renovate other housing types such as apartments? Or seeing your career progress as you do more jobs and renovations: starting with smaller houses and working your way up to luxurious homes?

The only negatives I experienced so far is having frame drops at random occasions and long loading times.


As for the sound design, I think the sounds for the different actions that you can do fit rather well. The only exception may be the sound for demolishing the walls, it could use a bit more power behind it. Although I think that may also be due to the fact I had the audio rather low. Other than that, I would have liked some different music tracks playing in the background.

Although, to be honest, this is a moot point. Whenever I played House Flipper, I usually had either a YouTube video or a Twitch stream playing in the background.

To be honest, I was not expecting to have as much fun as I did playing House Flipper.  Having played it myself for nearly 40 hours now, it is easy to see how it rose to be one of the top 100 games on Steam’s 2018 summer sale. Once I unlocked all the skills, completed all the jobs available and had at least sold one house to each potential customer, I started a new game. My current goal? To create the most obnoxious looking houses possible and seeing which of the potential buyers actually purchase it. I find it highly entertaining.


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