What is your blog about?

The purpose of this blog is for me to ramble on about games I play or the custom content (e.g quest mods) for those games. I also will showcase some of the things I build in Minecraft (mostly pixel art or structures). I hope you find the game reviews/impressions interesting to read, and seeing the process of my minecraft builds. At times, there are large gaps between my posts at times due to varying reasons. Life happens and I cannot control that. I am the sole author of the blog and sometimes I miss things when I proof-read a post before posting it, so I do apologize if you catch any grammatical or silly mistakes in a post I made. Do not hesitate to point them out to me, and I’ll fix them asap.

Originally, this blog had a much longer url which was mediaandpcmodreveiws.wordpress.com (yes, with that misspelling). My thinking back then was that I was going to review movies, books and games. I followed that for a while before I realized I always focused more on games, and I was always behind on the latest movies/books. So the blog evolved to being a gaming blog where I reviewed games and mods for games.

You can still see the original review posts on the movies and books I did in the misc category. Otherwise, over to the game vault to see my latest posts filled with my ramblings. If you want to contact me, you can click on the Contact Me tab above and send me an email.

What about the person behind the blog?

As for myself,  I am a Thai-Canadian female. Born and raised in Singapore for most of my life. Often returning to Thailand during summer and winter breaks. As of 23rd March 2015, I studied at Singapore for a year, earning my diploma in games programming. The original plan was for me to continue my studies in Australia in February 2017, however due to medical reasons, it has now been pushed back to May 2017.

The first game I ever owned was Pokémon Red on the Game Boy Color although I never did beat it, meaning I never beaten the Elite Four. The first Pokémon game I did beat the Elite Four for the first time was on Ruby version. The first console game I ever played on was the GameCube, I think it was Super Smash Bros? That or the Pokémon Colosseum. The first game I played on the computer…..that is a bit tricky since I do not remember. I do remember the first ‘true’ game that really kick-started my fascination (and eventual obsession) with PC games, was Elder Scrolls: Morrowind which I had received as a Christmas present. When I first played Morrowind, it just blew my mind and I fell in love with the game. When I first got Steam back in 2011-12, the first games I ever got was actually Left 4 Dead 2 and the On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness bundle (containing only episodes 1 & 2).

I do own an Xbox 360 but I hardly touched it, mostly because I do not have a television/monitor to hook it up with. Edit: I do have a monitor I can hook it up too, but one of my games didn’t work on the console for some reason. Not to mention the hassle of trying to remember what my account details were…

Also, I am ridiculously bad with a controller since I am so used to the mouse and keyboard set-up that I would take more than several minutes to adjust to using a controller. My friends can confirm this as a fact. I actually do not remember what games I own for the Xbox since most of them was given to me by a friend. The games I did buy and played on the Xbox when I first got it was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Portal 2.

I did have other passions with included film-making and writing. My original goal was to get into the film-making but life happened. It is still something I have an interest in, but I see myself as being the type to make short films as a hobby, rather than it being a line of work. I love seeing ideas coming to life from being a concept or just words on paper to something more. I did join the Singapore International Film Festival back in 2010 when I was still a student in high school with a couple of friends. We made it to the finals and eventually won the award for best story-line.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my other main interests is writing. Unfortunately and to my frustration, I am the kind of person who has over fifty ideas but zero finished works. By the time I get writing a story, I either run into writer’s block at some point or I have an idea for another story that consumes me. So I never got to finish one of my longer stories much to my dismay.

I have several stories I worked on but uncompleted, some of my short stories can be found on my second blog called VulpineStories. The majority of the stories I have in my head are either: original stories that have fun afoul of writer’s block or inspired by the games I have played.

My biggest aspiration so far is to have a YouTube channel where I do Lets Plays of games and mods. Unfortunately I do not have a decent setup to do this, as the one time I did try recording, it had a lot of issues. So that idea is left on the fence till I can afford a decent setup to give it a go.

Do you have a schedule for how often you upload posts?

In the past, not really actually. It was extremely sporadic although I usually aimed for at least one post per week. Some of you may have noticed certain months had a higher frequency of posts being uploaded, while others had a significant decrease. In fact, there were times where I did not post anything for nearly a month(s) at a time. It is something I try to avoid but you can’t control everything in life.

As I mentioned earlier, I attended classes for a games programming course on 23rd March, 2015. It affected my blogging quite heavily as I was more focused on school work, although I managed to get a monthly review of a monthly box subscription I had at the time.

Right now however, there is a set schedule of when I upload posts, which is every fortnight on Fridays at  9am (UTC+7).

What kind of games do you play?

I enjoy the single-player, open-world RPGs such as Elder Scrolls: Oblivion the most. I love exploring the world and being able to choose my own path basically.  I do play the occasional cooperative games like Left 4 Dead 2 or Minecraft with friends. I do enjoy and have played most genres of gaming with the exception to horror and MMORPGs.

I avoid the horror genre in general since I really hate being startled, so games with jump-scares will terrify me at first before I get annoyed. However, I have played some horror mods for games such as: Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout: 3/New Vegas. So I am not against doing some horror, but it is not really my ‘thing’.

Now about MMORPGS, the main reason I avoid them is due to the bad experiences I had while playing them. The last time I played one, I was on a randomly chosen server and had recently assisted another player who had been incapacitated by a monster. I figured why not help a fellow player, and just continue my merry way. The player invited me to join their guild and I refused, as I wasn’t planning on playing the game further since you needed to pay a monthly subscription to continue. At the time, while I enjoyed my experience up to that point, I did not think it was worth the subscription.

Before I continue this story, let me point out something really quick. In this game, you can not attack other players unless you challenged them to a duel, and the other player must accept the challenge before player damage can be dealt. So you can swing your weapons at another player, but it does nothing to them unless you both agreed to a duel.

So I finished the quest I was doing and went back to the port to turn my quest in, and just explore the port to check it out. Next thing I knew, every single member of that guild I had refused to join was following me around to harass me. They would constantly swing their swords at me and shoot their pistols at me. No matter where I went on the server, there was always at least one member who followed me to continue the harassment. I finally asked one of them what their problem was and all I got in response was “yarr, I’m a pirate” before continuing to try ‘attack’ me. It was then I decided I had enough and decided to just stop playing MMORPGs in general.

Favorite games?

I don’t really actually have a favorite game to be honest. I do have a soft spot for the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion however, since I spent so much time playing those two titles. I suppose Left 4 Dead 2 would also have a special place in my heart since I met a few of my closest friends while playing that game.

Hope this page answered gave you some insight about the blog and the person behind the blog. Any other questions can either be sent to my email provided at the contact page or through the comments.

Thanks for dropping by! Do visit again soon.

Your humble host,


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http://game-icons.net/ for the site icon & avatar


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