What is your blog about?

The purpose of this blog is for me to ramble on about games I play or the custom content (mods) for those games. I also will showcase some of the things I build in Minecraft (mostly pixel art or structures).

At times, I take a hiatus from posting anything due to varying reasons. Some things happen that are out of my control. I am the sole author of the blog and sometimes I miss things when I proof-read a post before posting it, so I do apologize if you catch any grammatical or silly mistakes in a post I made. Do not hesitate to point them out to me, and I’ll fix them asap.

Originally, this blog had a much longer url which was mediaandpcmodreveiws.wordpress.com (yes, with that misspelling). My original ambition/plan was to write reviews for movies, games, and books. Possibly music as well. I tried to follow that for a while before coming to the realization that I focused more on games. I was often behind on the latest movies and books as well. Hence my focus shifted to focus solely on game reviews.

You can still see the original review posts on the movies and books I did under the misc category.

What about the person behind the blog?

As for myself,  I am a Thai-Canadian female. Born and raised in Singapore for most of my life. Often returning to Thailand during summer and winter breaks. As of 23rd March 2015, I studied at Singapore for a year, earning my Diploma of IT (Games Programming). As of June 2017, I am working towards my Bachelor of Games Development, majoring in Games Design.

The first game I ever owned was Pokémon Red on the Game Boy Color although I never finished it, I do not think I even reached anywhere near the Elite Four. From there my love for games grew, with my main platform being on the PC. It was not until I played Elder Scrolls: Morrowind that kick-started my fascination (and obsession) with games in general. Most of the games I play are on the PC since that is my go-to platform, established early on in my childhood. I am not a big fan of playing on the console, despite owning an Xbox 360 since I am ridiculously bad with a controller. My friends can confirm this as fact. Not to mention I keep forgetting my account details. I am mad though since the majority of the console games I want to play are usually Playstation exclusive. One of these days I am going to set my Xbox up and get through the games given to me by a friend.

My other interests include photography, writing, and briefly creating short films. My original plans would be for me to study film-making till life threw me a curveball, leading me to change my plans to study games development. While I am still interested in film-making, it is primarily as a screenplay writer.  I love seeing ideas coming to life from being a concept or just words on paper to something more. I did join the Singapore International Student Film Festival back in 2010 when I was in high school with a group of friends. We made it to the finals and eventually won the award for best story-line.

I do have a second blog called VulpineStories which at this time, is currently hidden. On VulpineStories, I primary post my short stories that are a mix of original works or inspired by games I am playing or have played. Eventually, I hope to get back into writing short stories and finishing one of my longer length stories.

Do you have a schedule for how often you upload posts?

Alternative Fridays at 9am (UTC +7). By posting on alternate Fridays (fortnightly), it allows me time to write a review and get started on the next game without too much worry.

What kind of games do you play?

Anything really, I generally play what catches my interest thus have played games from a wide range of genres. The only genre I avoid in general is horror, not a big fan of being scared :p Especially if they include jump-scares as I loathe being startled. That being said, I have played horror mods for Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 and games such as Cry of Fear. Now I think about it, anything that I do if it is horror related is usually a mod.

I do primarily enjoy open-world RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchise. I love having the freedom to choose my own path thus creating my own story, and exploring the world as I please at my own pace.

Favorite game of all time?

To be perfectly honest, I do not think there is a game I would classify as my all time favorite. I do admittedly have a soft spot for Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. I do also have a soft spot for Left 4 Dead 2 considering it is the game where I met all of my closest friends online.

Hoped you enjoyed this mini Q&A, just to give some insight on the blog and myself.

Thanks for dropping by! Visit again soon, and hope you enjoy reading some of the reviews I’ve posted here.

Your humble host,


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