Unboxing: Fallout 4’s Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide [Collector’s Edition]

Attention all Vault Dwellers! Do not forget to consult your survival guide before venturing out into the wastelands!

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Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives [Unboxing]

These archives contain manuscripts, token pieces of information and artwork painstaking gathered throughout Dunwall. It has been an arduous journey to collect and archive these tales of our cursed city. It is our hope that you, the reader, will take heed and learn from those long gone as you forge your own destiny. The Dunwell Archives are now yours. 


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Atomic Loot: November

Hello everyone! Apologies for not updating the monthly Atomic Loot box from a week ago. Was trapped in the work load from class assignments.

As the end of the year approaches, Atomic Loot has decided to go with a 2 part (uh..box?) special with the theme of Star Wars. Part 1 was released last week (22nd November) with Part 2 coming out in the 22nd of December most likely.

ps: please send help 😀

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Atomic Loot: October

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts. School has been a killer lately, especially this semester’s major project. I do not think I would ever look forward to the weekends or holidays so much at this rate. One more semester to go at least however.

This month’s theme for Atomic Loot is Deadpool. Although I suppose zombie Deadpool would be more appropriate since it is so close to Halloween after all.

update 24/1/2017: apologies for the poor image quality. The import from the old site to the new one did not manage to get all the images saved, this was one of them. Sorry. I managed to find the original image I uploaded but at poorer quality.

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