Unboxing – The Skyrim Library, Vol 1: The Histories

Finally! My long-awaited package has arrived. What does the glorious box hold? It holds the newly released addition to the Bethesda Store. The Skyrim Library, Volume 1: The Histories. Yes, a book. Deal with it.

I actually ordered this the same day I got the email notification that this was released. Yes, I am that much of a fanatic for the Elder Scrolls franchise.

I thought it would be here within a week or so but it took nearly 3 weeks to get here. Makes me sad but at least it is here now!

On other news, this week school has officially reopened. At least I survived the week right? Not sure how I feel about hard coding yet though. I am following the class yet at the same time got no idea what is going on. Is that normal?

Cannot wait to read this tomorrow!

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Unboxing – The Hero's Guides to the Elder Scrolls Online

So I just got back at Singapore today at around 8pm. Although it took me a little while to actually leave the airport. Why? Well I arrived at the international airport in Thailand a little (over 3 hours) too early, that the boarding gate was not even officially announced yet. I know I am going a little off topic but bear with me; so by arriving too early it meant that my suitcase and box (filled with food stuffs) were the part of the last bag group.

I totally did not have a brief panic attack when I couldn’t find my suitcase or box.

On an unrelated note, there was like a group of people who had like over 10 dogs with them. Wonder why they had so many dogs. They had like a terrier, Siberian husky, American bulldog and Pomeranian.

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