Movie Review: Dark Shadows

I recently watched an Tim Burton movie that starred Johnny Depp called Dark Shadows.

I heard that the movie had some pretty bad reviews back in the States(?) but I personally though the movie was pretty good.

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Movie Review: The Adventures of Tin Tin – Secret of the Unicorn

On Wednesday, I celebrated the last day of my exams by watching Tin Tin.

I was particularly looking forward to watching this movie, since the Adventures of Tin Tin had been a big part of my childhood.So finding out something from your childhood being finally made into a movie was a thrill. Obviously they started with the first comic that starts the whole saga (if you like to call it that), with the Secret of the Unicorn.

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Movie Review: Puss in Boots

Recently, I watched Puss in Boots.

It gives a humorous if not, touching story of how Puss became ‘Puss in Boots’.  It has great dancing in the movie, and interesting characters with their own back-stories.

They do give unexpected plot twists, such as the amusing reveal of what exactly is ‘the great terror’.

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Movie Review: Despicable Me

The movie animation ‘Despicable Me’ is a heartwarming and humorous animation.

It revolves around a super villain named Gru who aims to steal the moon. However although it is his lifelong dream, he does not really take action till his rival steal the pyramid. As he sets his plans into motions, all his plans are disrupted by the arrival of 3 little girls who turn his life upside down. At first he is rather distant but soon warms up to the girls and grows to love them. The girls too, become fond of him and see him as a father they never had.

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