Penrose 02: Room Dislocation Association

Penrose 02: Room Dislocation Association is a continuation of the Penrose series by Fourth Reaper. Using the concept of surface division portals, if I remember correctly which you need to use in order to successfully complete the puzzle. Although I suppose it is actually more like a field rather than a portal. I am going to change, instead of the format I used in the previous custom testing chamber review, I am going to use the review format for the Left 4 Dead 2 custom maps/campaigns I play

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Custom Portal 2 Test Chamber: Penrose 01 – Introductory Science

Penrose 01 – Introductory Science is a custom testing chamber made by Fourth Reaper. It is part of a series of custom testing chambers that he is creating, so far it has only three maps with the fourth one in the works. This post is also to serve to gauge whether you guys (the readers) would be interested in seeing more reviews on player-made testing chambers for portal 2. So please, I do encourage sending feedback by either leaving a comment or sending an email to me (info on the contact page).

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