Fallout 3 Mod: A Quest for Heaven 3 [Deep Blue]

The third arc of the A Quest for Heaven series (AQFH) or the ‘Scorched Earth’ saga according to the description. Deep Blue (AQFH 3) covers the search for the answers that have eluded the Lone Wanderer for so long and the revelations that come with it. The story takes place two years after the events of the previous arc “Diamond in the Sky”.

The adventure will take you to new environments, be exposed to new enemies, equipped with new armor and weapons and finally, find out the truth of the Heaven project.

ps: AndromedaCrescent & Firelady, I love you both. In a non-creepy way. The work you both did on the saga is just astounding, that words can’t describe how impressed I am. 

pps: there will be some spoilers in the post, especially when I am discussing the problems that the mod has. It will be limited to mostly names of the characters, specific areas where I found bugs

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A Quest for Heaven 3 – so close yet so far

So I was playing the A Quest for Heaven 3 and reached the final quest, after more than a week of playing it.

Geez andromedacrescent, that is a really long adventure mod XD (I approve!)

Till I got to the part and I did not really read the instructions given to me by the other character so I ended up screwing up.

I could technically do a review for it since I am at the end of the quest but my OCD demands I do the mod correctly.

Therefore….I am going to be restarting the mod…from the beginning again (oh god) T^T

Forgive me?? :3

Fallout 3 Mod: A Quest for Heaven [Chapter 1 – secrets from the past]

A Quest for Heaven [Secrets from the Past] is part of a larger saga that is still in the works. Secrets from the past has both the prologue and chapter 1, giving a total of 2+ hours playing time depending on your playing style. The mod requires Broken Steel dlc and there are two versions of the mod depending on your computer/laptop specs. There is a version with custom music and sounds intended to give a deeper experience (the recommended version) and the other version is without the custom music.

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Fallout 3 Mod: Cube Experimental

Cube Experimental made by hoxyd is one of the most popular Fallout 3 mods on the Fallout 3 nexus (and the most endorsed). It seems to be inspired by the film series: Cube although it is not stated in the mod description. It just seems to draw many similarities to the movie for me. Such as being stuck in a cube, deadly traps and all that good stuff. On a side-note: has anyone seen the Cube series? Many people I know haven’t seem to watched the film series. It makes me sad.

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