Morrowind Mod: Suran Extended 1.2

One of the earlier mods I actually downloaded. Actually it was the first two I downloaded since I remembered having this mod. The following images are not mine. Mostly interested in this mod because many towns felt bland to me. Few framerate drops here and there at times. No particular review.

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Morrowind Mod: Ravenloft

When Rethan Manor became too small to house all of my trophies and ever-expanding soul gem collection, it was time to look for a house mod that had large spaces or at least display areas. Ravenloft soon became the answer. The only house mod I use constantly in every Morrowind save game I have.


It is set in its own dimension so it would not conflict with any other house mods  I think there is one mod that gives it an exterior entrance but I cannot remember. However, to reach it you would either have to find its teleportation amulet or use the console code to give yourself the amulet.

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Morrowind Mod: Ghostgate

When the Morrowind main quest was over, the rewards you got were Azura’s thanks and an artifact from her which was a magical ring. It had constant magical enchantments of night-eye (20 points) and restore fatigue (3 points) on self, then came with the constant repeated words from the npcs of “you’re a big hero and I don’t know how to talk to important folk like you” speech.

Even Vivec is mostly like: meh. congrats, we won’t need Ghostgate to protect us anymore.

So you are either left with nothing to do, finishing guild/faction quests, side-quests or exploring the rest of Morrowind. Or moving onto the expansions.

Ghostgate expands on the ending of the main quest as well breathing new place and purpose into the Ghostgate region. It is highly recommended that you play this mod only after you finished the main quest as it does break the main quest otherwise.

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Morrowind Mod: Mournhold Expanded

I was always disappointed in how small Mournhold felt despite being the Capital of Morrowind. So seeing Princess Stomper’s Mournhold Expanded mod got my attention, and I was keen on checking it out.

(All images displayed here belong to Princess Stomper, also she makes excellent mods for Morrowind)

Must say, despite experiencing frame-rate drop at times in random times. Lots of new areas and content added to the Mournhold area. Such as a docks area, resort area, theme park and so on. I actually had a blast exploring it despite the constant music change. The problem I had was that whenever I entered a new area the music volume would just spike to the max. Making me deaf and giving me random frights.

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Morrowind Mod: Restoring Rain’s Hand Hall

While searching for mods on Morrowind Nexus, I came upon Restoring Rain’s Hand Hall. The mod description really got my interest since it has its own lore that is integrated into the game.

Not entirely sure because I actually downloaded this long after I finished the main quest. Since this mod is supposed to follow your progress as you go through the main quest. However, it is not necessary. This is actually two mods in one. 1 is being the Rain’s Hand Hall alone and the other mod is a quest mod that actually sees it being restored to its former glory. I am just going to review them both.

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