Skyrim Mod: The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is a DLC size quest-adventure mod made by Italian modder: MannyGT. Unfortunately this is also the last mod he will be making (minus his portals mod) which is a shame. I was very fond of the Silverfish Grotto player-home also made by MannyGT, I do not think I ever used any other mods of his. 

The mod was in development for some time actually, I think it took about a year? Sorry, I lost track of how long it was in development before it was released. However, it was released on Skyrim Nexus on April 11th, 2015. From what I seen on his official Facebook page, it was originally meant to be released back in March but was delayed since the voice actor never sent the files. I found that disappointing since I know the original ending was supposed to follow the lore of what happened in Oblivion (acknowledging the ending of Shivering Isles story-line). Since the voice actor never delivered, MannyGT was forced to change the ending. So for ‘lore purists’ the ending is going to be odd.

That is my understanding of what happened however.

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Skyrim Mod: The Fifth Gate

Taking a break from playing the Transistor with a Skyrim mod, called The Fifth Gate made by GLArtMods. You may be more familiar with his Skyrim horror mod called Into the Depths, which was one of the earlier mods I reviewed for Skyrim. You can check out my review for that mod here.

I am going to admit now that I actually saw a video play through for this mod, or partly anyway before deciding to give this mod a try. Why? Well, it didn’t seem particularly scary. I am still undecided which I found scarier, Into the Depths or The Fifth Gate [edit: Into The Depths was scarier]. You will need Dawnguard for this mod as it uses some resources from the add-on.

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Skyrim Mod: Wyrmstooth

Wyrmstooth, who saw this mod review coming? Yes? No? Maybe? Perhaps? This is probably going to be the last mod review for Skyrim since I need to get started on the Dragonborn dlc and finally see if I can finish Dawnguard (with no game-breaking bugs this time). At the rate I am going, I am never going to start the add ons for Skyrim because of all the mods I want to try. Still bummed out that the Forgotten Mountain Keep house mod was removed for an overhaul. I think I found a new house mod that suits my needs but it needs ALL the official add ons active for it to work properly (more incentive to finish those dlcs eh?).

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Skyrim Mod: Adal Matar the Lost Stronghold – Fight Against the Thalmor I

Adal Matar the Lost Stronghold – Fight Against the Thalmor I (that’s a really long title) is an unmarked adventure by MadFrenchie. It is part of his/her “fight against the Thalmor” series available on both Skyrim Nexus and the Steam Workshop. I say the quest is unmarked since the mod’s focus is on the journey to reach the lost Orc stronghold. Since it is unmarked, you must find the hidden Thalmor camp and reach the stronghold by yourself by your own means.

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