Fallout New Vegas DLC – Old World Blues

So, finally getting back into Fallout New Vegas after playing more than a week of L4D2 mutations. Just a quick warning before I get into typing about this dlc…..spoilers will be found in this post.

Deciding to delay other quests from the main quest line (such as confronting Benny) and the other dlcs, mainly because I do not feel like doing them yet (also, I want to delay doing Dead Money).  Besides, I really wanted the stealth suit and create Roxie the cyber-dog in this dlc.

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Fallout: New Vegas DLC – Lonesome Road

So I decided to re-install Fallout: New Vegas. My god, I actually got a lot further than I did this time in New Vegas. I am rather amazed actually. Normally by the time, I get to a certain point I lose all interest in the game. So this time, I done things differently. I actually didn’t finish the main game yet. Don’t intend to anytime soon yet. I think what bothered me the most about the game was how you couldn’t keep playing it despite having DLCs like Fallout 3, if you had the Brotherhood of Steel DLC that lets you keep playing.

Edit (24/1/2017): the featured image for this post is from Wallpprs

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