Morrowind expansion: Bloodmoon

Finally we have finished the shortest expansion. Bloodmoon. Now all I got to do is finish exploring Vvardenfell so I can begin using mods.

The length of this expansion is certainly a lot more shorter than Tribunal was. Also it was more tolerable than Tribunal was. However, the snow blizzards were a complete pain. They’d show up at the worst times ever, whether it be me running for my life or trying to find a quest-given location (especially when finding the standing stones).  Other than that, it was pretty fun for me. Didn’t like the werewolf quests though.Read More »


Morrowind expansion: Tribunal (rant edition review)

So, I finished Tribunal last night finally (well two nights ago actually).

While I generally enjoyed this expansion, this was the expansion I had a love-hate relation in a sense. While I enjoyed exploring the capital city of Mournhold. I severely hated the Dark Brotherhood. By the power of the Tribunal, they were such a huge pain in the butt. Especially since they had a habit of attacking me when I was trying to heal due to extremely low health at the time (I had run out of health potions). My god, the sword they used was extremely annoying. It was the bane of my dad and my gaming existence when we played Morrowind.

However, I still remember that bitter time so I had ensured my dark elf could resist paralyzation. It was very painful memories.

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Now we review the game that got me into the Elder Scrolls series. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Yes, this was released before Oblivion.

It was also a Christmas present I think(?) from one of my father’s friends. It had some interesting games but this was by far the best out of like 6 in total games.

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