Oblivion DLC: Mehrunes Razor

Another DLC from Oblivion. This is most likely the last DLC that I will review/talk about. This is a quest oriented mod revolving around the infamous daedric artifact: Merhunes Razor.

You will start off by hearing the rumor about the a group trying to find the mythical razor. You will have to go to an old ruined fort called Sundercliff Watch. You will encounter an army of Drothmeri soldiers, under the command of a rogue Telvanni named Frathen Drothan.

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Oblivion DLC: Frostcrag

This is one of the official DLCs that you can get in Oblivion. I noticed I never actually talked about the DLCs that you can get for Oblivion. Basically after you load Oblivion with this installed, you will receive the deed to the Frostcrag Spire and the key. Once you read the letter, you find out that you are the sole heir and successor of your recently deceased long-lost relative.

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Oblivion Expansion: Shivering Isles

Onto the 2nd expansion review: Shivering Isles!

This takes place in the Sheogorath aka the Mad god’s (actually a Daedric prince but oh well) realm known as Shivering Isles. A realm split into two, reflecting Sheogorath’s dual personality or the two faces of madness. The two sides are called Mania and Dementia respectively, each have their own versions of creatures, guards, religion, art, landscape and very different people residing in them.Read More »

Oblivion Expansion: Knights of the Nine

Okay, time to review the 2 official expansions for Oblivion. We will first review Knights of the Nine (K.O.T.N) followed by Shivering Isles, simply because I played them in that order and because I can. -insert evil laugh-

In K.O.T.N, the story begins with rumors that the church in Anvil has suffered a devastating attack with all the priests being killed in a gruesome way. So, we are prompted to go to Anvil, go look around the church and etc. The guard then mentions a Prophet who basically starts the quest for you. He tells you that an ancient ayleid king has returned from the planes of Oblivion (specially, Meridia’s plane of Oblivion known as the Colored rooms) who has come seeking revenge against the Eight divines (as when he was defeated, the 9th divine Talos the dragonborn had yet to ascend at this time). You are then told to visit the way-shrines of the Nine divines (yes, you must visit them all unless you visited them earlier on in Oblivion, then you are fine I think) then wait for a vision. The only problem with this quest is that in Oblivion, 2 of the way-shrines are destroyed; Skingrad and Anvil. However, Skingrad is technically still able to be activated, but the way-shrine nearby Anvil is completely destroyed. So either, you do this quest before carrying on with the Oblivion main quest or you must use the console. There is no other ways to do this.

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