A Date in the Park

A Date in the Park is a free point-and-click developed by Cloak and Dagger Games. You play as a man named Lou, who recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal. You have met a beautiful woman named Catarina at a bar during a night out, she invites you to meet her again at a local park the following day. You agreed and are now standing outside the park.Read More »


School Blog!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick update that I now currently have another blog specifically regarding to my schooling. The lecturer wanted us to keep a blog to show our learning process. Figured I’d just post a link here in case anyone is interested.

It is still pretty rough as I haven’t invested a lot of time into the blog yet, as I wanted to get the posts up before I forgot. It will eventually look better, just give me some time 🙂


Link: https://macleodngamedev.wordpress.com/


ps: Brisbane be cold