Osiris: New Dawn [Early Access] (First Impressions)

Osiris: New Dawn is a space survival game current on Early Access on the Steam store. A friend of mine asked me to try the game out with him for two reasons:

  1. We haven’t played any co-op games together for a long time now due to our conflicting schedules
  2. The game looked really good with its game trailer and screenshots (I also cheated by looking a few gameplay videos on YouTube before making my final decision)

Considering I died at least three times alone after spawning in after joining his game, before finally meeting up with him at his location, add in sudden death from surprise giant sand-worm of absolute death….we have an excellent start to the game!

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Far Cry 4

Welcome to Kyrat! A wondrous land hidden in the Himalayas filled with beauty, secrets and conflict.

You play as Ajay Ghale, the American-raised son of Kyrati freedom fighters who returns to his birthplace to fulfil his mother’s last wishes. Instead, Ajay finds himself being an unwittingly being a key-figure in the civil war for Kyrat’s future.

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