Tube Tycoon

Tube Tycoon is a YouTube simulator game that is in beta and free-to-play. You can choose where your YouTube career will lead by choosing which type of videos you want to focus on. Become a YouTube star by increasing your popularity and your video content!


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Osiris: New Dawn [Early Access] (First Impressions)

Osiris: New Dawn is a space survival game current on Early Access on the Steam store. A friend of mine asked me to try the game out with him for two reasons:

  1. We haven’t played any co-op games together for a long time now due to our conflicting schedules
  2. The game looked really good with its game trailer and screenshots (I also cheated by looking a few gameplay videos on YouTube before making my final decision)

Considering I died at least three times alone after spawning in after joining his game, before finally meeting up with him at his location, add in sudden death from surprise giant sand-worm of absolute death….we have an excellent start to the game!

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L4D2 Custom Campaign: Plan B (Beta 0.4) [I found a mysterious object!]

Finally, Kaz and I have returned to L4D2. I needed a break from Fallout 3. Just got to wrap up the main quest line in conjunction with Broken Steel, then Fallout 3 mods reviews will start. To celebrate our return to L4D2, I picked the custom campaign Plan B. Kaz wanted a custom campaign. To be honest, I was expecting to have difficulties on playing this campaign on advanced since I hadn’t played L4D2 since 21st July. However, it wasn’t too bad. Done in just 47 minutes with only 2-3 restarts on the 2nd map.

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L4D2 Custom Campaign: Left 4 SGC Beta v1.0 (help everything is in spanish)

When I first saw some gamers play this on YouTube, I really wanted to play this campaign. I liked the whole idea of using star-gate to travel to different planets and fighting the infection. However, various reasons prevented me from playing. It is still in beta version. Not sure if it is still being worked on. I did not check. The campaign is mostly in spanish in terms of the custom dialogue and the words like you see in the screenshot of the intro cut-scene above.

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