We Were Here

We Were Here is a free-to-play cooperative game available on Steam, developed by Total Mayhem Games.

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Dead Island

Welcome to Banoi! The tropical island holiday destination for the rich and famous! With sparkling blue seas, luxurious beach resort and hotel and…oh dear I think I just saw a bunch of zombies by the beach bar. Is it too late to get a plane reservation off the island?
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Bloody Trapland

Bloody Trapland is a fun yet brutal platformer game that can be played with friends (up to four players total). With over a hundred levels, there is plenty of fun to be had in tricky jumps and dodging dangerous traps!

Warning: this game may or may not test your friendships or patience levels. Rage-quitting may occur

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Resident Evil 5 [Complete Review]

So back in 2013, I typed a very incomplete (and angry) review for Resident Evil 5. I also made assumptions in the review that proved to be very wrong. Having finished the game this time, with a different co-op partner; I now intend to rectify this by giving Resident 5 a proper review this time round.

I still dislike quick-time events though. I also have come to the conclusion that whoever Wesker has as his personal wardrobe stylist needs to be fired. Unless he dressed himself, then he needs someone to be his wardrobe stylist cause his fashion sense sucks.

Just saying.

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Cry of Fear [Coop]

Cry of Fear – a psychological first person horror game, that can be played either as solo or cooperative. As I have not played the solo campaign, this review will mainly focus on the co-op campaign.

Cry of Fear started out as a mod for Half-Life 1 before becoming a standalone title due to its popularity. While the game uses the Half Life source engine and basic code, everything else such as textures, sounds and models were made by the Team Psykskallar.

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