Minecraft Ice Tundra Seed

So two nights ago, I decided to get back into Minecraft by starting a new survival world. Not liking the first two worlds I spawned in, I decided to give one last try before I ended up in this current minecraft world. I usually do not end up in snowy biomes, much less in an ice-tundra biome.
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Minecraft Project: Interior Experiment

Just a quick experimentation I did in Minecraft for the interior. The main experiment was changing the stairs design because I often used the same general design when I build the stairs in the home structures I build in Minecraft. After that, I began doing slight experimentation on the rooms in the house like adding a kitchen which I never bothered before.

Except I was so busy focusing on the interior, that I completely did not consider the exterior. Therefore the exterior looks horrible, especially when it got closer to when I had to build a roof. I wasn’t able to build a roof I was satisfied with so I just capped it off instead. However since the whole focus of this was the interior, I think I can get away with having a questionable exterior.

edit 2016: Just realized I never did take a screenshot of the stairs that sparked this entire design
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Minecraft Project: Old Mansion

Another remake of someone’s build on planetminecraft.com. This is the Old Mansion by Atliax. I really liked the look of the house so I took the house and rebuilt it in my free-building creative world. The only differences between Atliax’s and mine would be the differences in the interior. However, there are many similarities. I also found a new texture pack that I liked. I forgotten I had this texture pack, wait I mean resource pack. I forget the new minecraft uses resource packs. This one is Flow’s HD resource pack, which will end up probably replacing my original resource pack (Soartex Fanver). Except for pixel art, I will stick with Soartex Fanver for pixel art.


Days took to build: 3 days because Borderlands co-op demanded my attention

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Minecraft Project: Temple

Time for a break from all the pixel art. No break from Minecraft though. This build is based on/inspired by the Japanese Temple built by MadHorse. Therefore I take no credit for the original build other than recreating it.

I honestly think that it has potential to be a creepy, ominous looking temple since the platform with the enchanting table is over lava. However I wasn’t after that look, so I replaced lava with water. I almost did go with that look, in fact I was halfway through with the whole ominous theme before changing my mind. Should had made two versions, but I’m lazy.

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