L4D2 Custom Campaign: Deadbeat Escape

Another day, another Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaign to continue the (zombie killing spree) misadventures of Keftable and Kazetomodachi. This time, we take on the challenge of the 4-part campaign: Deadbeat EscapeRead More »


L4D2 Custom Campaign: Devil Mountain

The time has come to play Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaigns once more! The dream team duo consisting of Keftable and Kazetomodachi have returned to end the zombie apocalypse:  one rage inducing campaign at a time one bullet at a time. Of course, one does not simply play L4D2 without some shenanigans, mishaps and general chaos thrown into the mix. Read More »

L4D2 Custom Campaign: ZMB-13

Once again, we have returned to Left 4 Dead 2 after ignoring it for…a really long time. To welcome ourselves back to the zombie infested world, the McGee and I played ZMB-13 on advanced. The back-story to this custom campaign is that you and your fellow survivors are human test subjects at an underground weapons lab,  a sudden blackout cause a dangerous mutagen (code-named ZMB-13) to be released into the air. Luckily for you; the air filtration in your cell block was still functional, now the only problem you have ahead of you is to fight your way through the now infected hordes to whatever rescue is awaiting for you.

Read More »