Fallout 3 DLC: The Pitt

To be honest, there were only two DLCs for Fallout 3 that I was not a big fan of. The Pitt and Mothership Zeta. Between the two, The Pitt at least made more sense to me in the context of the wastelands compared to Mothership Zeta.

You head off to the industrial raider town known as “The Pitt” in the supposed remains of Pittsburgh. Why? To help recover the cure to the mutation that plagues the slaves working at the steel factory. Seems simple enough, right? The longer you stay in the Pitt, you find that things may not be black and white as you think.

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Fallout 3 DLC: Point Lookout

It feels very odd typing a review for an official add-on for a game that you never realized you missed a couple of years back.

Point Lookout takes you, the lone wanderer into the swamps of Point Outlook State Park. A place where the bombs never hit, but the world has left behind…all forgotten. You find yourself in the middle of a bitter vendetta that had roots long before the Great War occurred.  It can only be ended with one of the rival’s deaths. Whose side will you ultimately choose?

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Fallout 3 Mod: A Quest for Heaven 3 [Deep Blue]

The third arc of the A Quest for Heaven series (AQFH) or the ‘Scorched Earth’ saga according to the description. Deep Blue (AQFH 3) covers the search for the answers that have eluded the Lone Wanderer for so long and the revelations that come with it. The story takes place two years after the events of the previous arc “Diamond in the Sky”.

The adventure will take you to new environments, be exposed to new enemies, equipped with new armor and weapons and finally, find out the truth of the Heaven project.

ps: AndromedaCrescent & Firelady, I love you both. In a non-creepy way. The work you both did on the saga is just astounding, that words can’t describe how impressed I am. 

pps: there will be some spoilers in the post, especially when I am discussing the problems that the mod has. It will be limited to mostly names of the characters, specific areas where I found bugs

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Excuses….excuses :D

Currently playing through the final chapter of the A Quest for Heaven saga, I think I am at the last quest (?) but depending on whether I have a backup save or not….I might have to redo the mod cause I might have accidentally skipped a crucial part of the quest. Other than that, the final chapter of that mod is amazing even to the point that it melted my brain. Cannot handle the awesome-ness of that mod.

What else….well I been travelling between two properties that my mom owns so which is why there is a lack of updates. Since one of the properties does not have any internet, and since that mod has been taking me more than a week to get through completely…things been slow. The Minecraft sandstone manor has been progressing well and is nearly done so that will be uploaded soon (so she says…) and hopefully I can get back on track with a more regular upload schedule (that doesn’t exist). Please be patient >.<