Dystopixelia (Episode One) is an indie 8-bit platformer game developed by Kvantpant, which is available on Gamejolt and Itch.io, released on February 25th, 2015.

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Estranged: Act 1

Estranged: Act 1 tells the story of a shipwrecked fisherman, stranded on an island after a violent storm.

Explore the island as you try to find a way to return to the mainland. However, not everything on the island is as normal as it seems.

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Black Mesa

Confession time!

Never played Half-life 1 or 2. Ever. Although I did get Half-life 2 recently this year…..haven’t played it yet though. I feel like I am a terrible person (plot twist: I am. Wait, what plot twist?). At least I did play Black Mesa (a loooong while back) so technically I have played Half-life 1? Or does that not count?

Links to official site and download links at bottom of post

Edit [16.5.15]: The steam version (paid) of Black Mesa is now available as an early access. You can find the steam page here

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Fingerbones is a short psychological horror game made by David Szymanski. The game focuses on mystery and story-telling. The game takes place in an abandoned building, although it feels more like a bunker of sorts. Despite the sunlight streaming in through the windows, most of the interior is dark. Exploring the building, you unravel a disturbing tale from the notes scattered in the building.

Be warned; the game deals with themes/subjects that people may find disturbing. While not explicitly stated or show, it is heavily implied within the game’s narrative.

TRIGGER WARNING!! Narrative deals with heavily implied themes of: child molestation, child abuse and infanticide 

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Momodora is an indie game released in 2010 by Bombservice. Monodora is a series of action-platformer games. The momodora series is released exclusively for Windows and the series is inspired by the classic games of the past and possibly modern titles as well for well-rounded game-play.

Momodora is the first in the said series, where you play as an orphaned girl named Isadora who ventures to a forbidden land in the hopes of finding a way to resurrect her dead mother. That got dark rather quickly didn’t it?

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