Dirty Split

Dirty Split is a point and click game made by the Dreamagination team. You play as Alan Baxter, a retired police detective turned private investigator whose hired by a prominent family in Los Angeles. The cops believe they have apprehended the suspect in the murder of a well-known plastic surgeon. The suspect’s family are convinced that the police have arrested the wrong man. You, as Alan Baxter must now investigate the murder and follow the clues to lead you to the truth. There is more to the surgeon than meets the eye.

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Tales from the Minus Lab

Tales from the Minus Lab is a fantastic indie game. I haven’t completed the game yet though. The game is about Abigail Swift, the daughter of Issac Swift who is an inventor. Your father has passed away and your brother, Benjamin has inherited your father’s lab. Your brother calls you to help him in sorting out your father’s old lab, upon arriving you immediately see the lab in complete chaos and the mysterious goggles that your brother mentioned. Benjamin however, is nowhere to be found and now you are on a mission to find your  missing brother.

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