Fallout 4 Mod: The Kelly Manor (Horror-Quest)

While traversing the Commonwealth Wastelands, the Sole Survivor’s Pip-boy picks up an incoming encrypted message. Once it is decrypted, the message reads:

“Hey, got another one for you. I’ve detected a strange energy disturbance just North-East of Parson’s Creamery. I’d go there myself to handle it but I’m caught up at the moment. Check it out for me.

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Cry of Fear [Coop]

Cry of Fear – a psychological first person horror game, that can be played either as solo or cooperative. As I have not played the solo campaign, this review will mainly focus on the co-op campaign.

Cry of Fear started out as a mod for Half-Life 1 before becoming a standalone title due to its popularity. While the game uses the Half Life source engine and basic code, everything else such as textures, sounds and models were made by the Team Psykskallar.

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Antumbra is an online game that I played recently after seeing a YouTube video on it.

The game is special to the developer who goes by the name of DroneLocker, as it was his first game and a result of a difficult period in his life. The game was inspired by several things ranging from: Silent Hill, Dark Souls, Hellraiser and Lovecraft.

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Skyrim Mod: The Fifth Gate

Taking a break from playing the Transistor with a Skyrim mod, called The Fifth Gate made by GLArtMods. You may be more familiar with his Skyrim horror mod called Into the Depths, which was one of the earlier mods I reviewed for Skyrim. You can check out my review for that mod here.

I am going to admit now that I actually saw a video play through for this mod, or partly anyway before deciding to give this mod a try. Why? Well, it didn’t seem particularly scary. I am still undecided which I found scarier, Into the Depths or The Fifth Gate [edit: Into The Depths was scarier]. You will need Dawnguard for this mod as it uses some resources from the add-on.

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Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Vanishing of Ethan Carter was released around September 2014, developed by The Astronauts. It was their highly anticipated game, released for Windows and I believe possibly the Playstation 4 (TBA). To be honest, I actually never heard anything about this game. I came across the title when I was watching one of my favorite gamers stream it on his channel. The game is usually labelled as weird fiction and adventure. However, it can also be argued to be a horror game due to some horror elements, in particular during the Mine chapter aka scene 6-7 (depending on how you view it).

For the purposes of this post, I will be referring to the individual puzzles that you solve as scenes. It took me about 3 hours to complete this game. The first 30-45 minutes was mostly spent on tweaking the game’s settings and resolving an issue that I found.

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