Skyrim DLC: Dragonborn

Finally, getting back into Skyrim and playing the official addons that I didn’t get a chance to play or in Dawnguard’s case, didn’t finish. I am really hoping that Dawnguard won’t have any issues this time round, last time I didn’t have a backup save that was before starting that. Hopefully no more game-breaking bugs this time round. Anyways, been really looking forward to playing the Dragonborn addon since it was released around in Feburary, 2013. I know, I am really slow. Don’t judge [especially you Desmond *mini glare*].

Also please note that this review will contain spoilers to much of the story for the main quest-line for Dragonborn. I try to keep this to a minimum but there are some points I wish to discuss that end up revealing parts of the story.

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Oblivion Mod: AFK_Weye

AFK_Weye is one of the many mods that I am fond of. AFK_Weye breathes live into the settlement of Weye , outside of the Imperial City which originally consisted of 1 lonely house and that was it. When you return to Weye, you will now see there is a horse stable, a manor, sheep farm, another farm, a shop for archers, a general merchant who hails from Balmora, Morrowind and several houses belonging to those who inhabit Weye.

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Morrowind Mod: Ravenloft

When Rethan Manor became too small to house all of my trophies and ever-expanding soul gem collection, it was time to look for a house mod that had large spaces or at least display areas. Ravenloft soon became the answer. The only house mod I use constantly in every Morrowind save game I have.


It is set in its own dimension so it would not conflict with any other house mods  I think there is one mod that gives it an exterior entrance but I cannot remember. However, to reach it you would either have to find its teleportation amulet or use the console code to give yourself the amulet.

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Morrowind Mod: Ghostgate

When the Morrowind main quest was over, the rewards you got were Azura’s thanks and an artifact from her which was a magical ring. It had constant magical enchantments of night-eye (20 points) and restore fatigue (3 points) on self, then came with the constant repeated words from the npcs of “you’re a big hero and I don’t know how to talk to important folk like you” speech.

Even Vivec is mostly like: meh. congrats, we won’t need Ghostgate to protect us anymore.

So you are either left with nothing to do, finishing guild/faction quests, side-quests or exploring the rest of Morrowind. Or moving onto the expansions.

Ghostgate expands on the ending of the main quest as well breathing new place and purpose into the Ghostgate region. It is highly recommended that you play this mod only after you finished the main quest as it does break the main quest otherwise.

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