Oblivion Mod: Gates to Aesgaard – Episode 2

Gates to Aesgaard – Episode 2! These guys sure like their episodes don’t they? Even their indie game has the subtitle of episode one. I am going off-topic though. There is no download for the main file on the Oblivion Nexus site, however you can download it here instead.

In episode 2, it continues the story begun in the first episode where you now possibly have the chance to *spoilers* save Ashen Rose’s soul from eternal suffering. You are actually contacted by an mysterious order who offer to aid you in this endeavor but you must help them first. They are convinced you are the ‘Chosen One’ and the only person able to retrieve the mystical Soul Sphere from the hellish world that belongs to the cruel sadistic King Stochan, who happens to now ascended to some sort of godhood.

Will you succeed in retrieving the mysterious orb? Or will you lose your sanity and perish in this nightmarish dreamscape?

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Oblivion Mod: Malevolent

Malevolent, one of the most popular mods on the Oblivion Nexus site, and one of the most downloaded mods made by Simyaz. Simyaz is also the creator of the popular Tears of the Fiend (one of my personal favorites) and Ruined-Tale’s Tale. A mod that I never got around to playing. For those who have played Simyaz’s mods, they will be familiar with the complex multi-path story-driven playing style associated with his mods (that was quite a mouthful).

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Oblivion Mod: Hoarfrost Castle

Hoarfrost Castle is a castle that can be gained and later fully staffed through quests given to you by the steward of Hoarfrost Castle. There are a total of seven quests to complete to bring the castle to its full glory. However, this castle seems to mess with the Sidri-Ashak rune stone near to its site. When I fast-traveled to the rune stone, I ended up being inside of the castle, like literally inside the castle keep. Seeing through walls and all that. So avoid fast traveling to the rune stone, I am not sure if it does anything to the Underpall cave since that is also awfully close to its location. Just keep that in mind, when playing this mod and considering fast-travel. A safe bet would be to fast travel to Bruma or one of the caves nearby and go from there.

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Oblivion Mod: Uncle Cross Hideout

Uncle Cross Hideout is a player-home mod made by Cross1492 (aka Uncle Cross on the nexusmods.com). However, it does not just add a new player home to the world (correction: the hideaway has its own world-space) of Oblivion, it incorporates several other mods along with it in the form of addons and/or updates. This is probably the largest mod that I have ever installed for Oblivion. Even despite being split into several files for downloading, I took about 3 days total to download everything (including the addons).

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