Oblivion Mod: Gates to Aesgaard – Episode 2

Gates to Aesgaard – Episode 2! These guys sure like their episodes don’t they? Even their indie game has the subtitle of episode one. I am going off-topic though. There is no download for the main file on the Oblivion Nexus site, however you can download it here instead.

In episode 2, it continues the story begun in the first episode where you now possibly have the chance to *spoilers* save Ashen Rose’s soul from eternal suffering. You are actually contacted by an mysterious order who offer to aid you in this endeavor but you must help them first. They are convinced you are the ‘Chosen One’ and the only person able to retrieve the mystical Soul Sphere from the hellish world that belongs to the cruel sadistic King Stochan, who happens to now ascended to some sort of godhood.

Will you succeed in retrieving the mysterious orb? Or will you lose your sanity and perish in this nightmarish dreamscape?

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Oblivion Mod: The Dungeons of Ivellon

So after over a week of procrastinating, I finally get around to starting and finishing this mod in two days. This mod really spooked me out, thanks to all of the creepy noises and the dark dungeons. It got to the point I was igniting torches and lanterns, despite having a light spell on. I may or may not have got too spooked on the first day (I was playing it really late in the night) that I fear quit. Kaz enjoyed the fact I was extremely nervous since he couldn’t hear the sounds I was hearing.

This mod revolves around the legendary Dungeons of Ivellon. A famous adventurer-author supposedly finds the location of the dungeons but doesn’t explore it till he is elderly. You read the book about it and go on a quest filled with riddles and item searching to explore the mystical dungeons for its untold riches. There is no quest marker and the journal doesn’t really help you, so you have to figure much of the tasks on your own…or with help of a walk-through.

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Oblivion Mod: AFK_Weye

AFK_Weye is one of the many mods that I am fond of. AFK_Weye breathes live into the settlement of Weye , outside of the Imperial City which originally consisted of 1 lonely house and that was it. When you return to Weye, you will now see there is a horse stable, a manor, sheep farm, another farm, a shop for archers, a general merchant who hails from Balmora, Morrowind and several houses belonging to those who inhabit Weye.

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Oblivion Mod: The Blade of the Haunted

So after playing Verona House Bloodlines, I decided to do a relatively short quest mod. Also, I forgot how long it takes to do Verona House Bloodlines, especially during the beginning of it. In short, I lost most of my motivation to do any longer quest mods for the time being, and I am also lazy. Simply because I choose to be.

The Blade of the Haunted sword quest mod, where you have to rely on clues given to you by the npcs to figure out where you are going. The journal doesn’t necessary help you. It just gives you general clues. Why? Because there is no quest markers for this quest, therefore you have to actually pay attention to what the characters are saying and what you are reading.
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