Bioshock. I remember this being a game that I never saw myself playing. I was always curious about it but I never really bothered with it. Didn’t watch people playing it on YouTube or anything for the game. Other than reading the plot for the game. I think it was because I always somehow thought the game as being horror, and I generally steer clear from horror games since it is not really my genre. As I already established by now, I am a massive chicken.
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First Impression: Resident Evil 6/Biohazard 6

Back from the dead! Hope you all had a great Halloween. I have an excuse and apology but they aren’t very good, so I won’t bother with that. Let’s jump straight into this game review/impression for a game that quickly became the bane of my gaming existence. Resident Evil 6 or better known as Biohazard 6 in Japan.

Okay before I actually do continue. I need to point this trend out that I noticed. Why is that every vehicle that Leon drives or happens to be in, crashes? Or he seems to die a vehicle related death? Oh wait, that might just be me cause I always die a vehicle related death at some point regardless of what character I am playing. But seriously, why is that like every car he drives crashes or something horrible happens to it? I swear, he’s cursed.

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Heroes of Might and Magic (HoMM3)

I am going to be rather biased in this post since Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia was the only one I ever played in the series (didn’t even play the expansion packs). I think this was the only game that I ever played that was turn-based. I can’t remember much of Dungeon Siege 2 was turn based as well or not. I really sucked at Dungeon siege 2 and never got far in that game.

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Second Sight

This is a rather old game, released back in 2004. I can’t remember the last time or when I played this game. I remember stopping cause I got stuck in one level and couldn’t figure how to get around it. I still rather enjoyed it though. I think I got lost because I was terrible at the stealth aspect of the game and often lost my sense of direction.

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