The Darkside Detective

Twin Lakes City, your stereotypical boring ol’ city where things go bump in the night. Mysterious disappearances, ghostly trains, zombie uprisings? Just another day for Detective Francis McQueen, the leading investigator of the severely underfunded Darkside Division. Together with his side-kick partner, Officer Dooley, the dynamic duo tackle cases that Twin Lakes City police department don’t dare to handle. 

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A Date in the Park

A Date in the Park is a free point-and-click developed by Cloak and Dagger Games. You play as a man named Lou, who recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal. You have met a beautiful woman named Catarina at a bar during a night out, she invites you to meet her again at a local park the following day. You agreed and are now standing outside the park.Read More »


SKYHILL is a roguelike RPG point-click game released on October 6th, 2015. Since its release, it has won a few awards.

You play as a man called Perry Jason who goes on a short trip out-of-town for business. Deciding to stay in luxury because why not? You book the hotel’s penthouse suite. The suite comes with top of the line biological defense system, which is awfully convenient considering a biological attack occurs shortly after you enter your suite. Now you are stuck in a building full of murderous mutants. You have run out of supplies in your room and are forced to venture out of the safety of the suite to gather supplies and try to escape the Skyhill hotel.

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