Minecraft Pixel Art: Glaceon [Shiny]

So in the fox pixel art post, you most likely noticed the Glaceon in the background. I ended up redoing that one, because there was a major mistake that I didn’t realize till later when I was trying to finish it. Not overly happy with the result since I wanted to try something but still a decent attempt I think nevertheless.

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Minecraft Pixel Art: Suicune

Request by a friend (Zombanator aka Magasuperstick), this was the hardest one I done so far. I was tempted many times to burn it down due to my frustration when I made a mistake (many mistakes). It was an agonizing two days, as I began working on it shortly after I finished building Shaymin.

Suicune is the water-legendary Pokemon and is the mascot for Pokemon Crystal version. I never did finish crystal. I don’t remember what I did but the game cartridge never worked again 😥

Also this will be the end of the Pokemon pixel art for the foreseeable future.

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Minecraft Pixel Art: Shaymin

I was originally going to include Mew and then a pokeball to end this series but it’s been going on for so long. I want to work on other things now, after I complete one last Pokemon pixel art.

Originally I was using light grey wool as the base color tone of Shaymin, once I was finished, I changed it to white wool instead. For its face, I used snow so there was some slight difference between the two ‘skin’ tones.

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Minecraft Pixel Art: Treecko

The end is in sight! Actually, I have to confess. I already did Treecko and Mudkip last month but I didn’t get around to posting it. I actually had the post typed up and everything, except it didn’t save for some reason. Hooray for excuses!

p.s: why didn’t anyone tell me that I didn’t spell Treecko correctly cause I originally said Treeco. Not Treecko.

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