Oblivion Mod: Thieves Guild HQ – Unhealthy Competition

Thieves Guild HQ – Unhealthy Competition created by Punk Stevo, released in 2010 and last updated in 2011, adds a new player home along with a post-thieves guild quest line. This mod requires the Shivering Isles expansion and for the player to have completed the original Thieves Guild quest line.

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Skyrim Mod: The Fifth Gate

Taking a break from playing the Transistor with a Skyrim mod, called The Fifth Gate made by GLArtMods. You may be more familiar with his Skyrim horror mod called Into the Depths, which was one of the earlier mods I reviewed for Skyrim. You can check out my review for that mod here.

I am going to admit now that I actually saw a video play through for this mod, or partly anyway before deciding to give this mod a try. Why? Well, it didn’t seem particularly scary. I am still undecided which I found scarier, Into the Depths or The Fifth Gate [edit: Into The Depths was scarier]. You will need Dawnguard for this mod as it uses some resources from the add-on.

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Fallout 3 Mod: A Quest for Heaven [Chapter 1 – secrets from the past]

A Quest for Heaven [Secrets from the Past] is part of a larger saga that is still in the works. Secrets from the past has both the prologue and chapter 1, giving a total of 2+ hours playing time depending on your playing style. The mod requires Broken Steel dlc and there are two versions of the mod depending on your computer/laptop specs. There is a version with custom music and sounds intended to give a deeper experience (the recommended version) and the other version is without the custom music.

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