On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode Two

I still can’t believe it took me about 7 hours to finish this game. The first episode took me about 5 hours, but I finally finished the second episode for On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. That is a long title…sort of. The original saga was developed by Hothead Games before being picked up by Zeboyd Games I believe.

The game is based on the popular web-comic, Penny Arcade which is something I have never read. The second game was released four months after their first ever game.

I still find it a shame that the developers for the game stopped at the second game, the games were originally meant to be released as trilogy or possibly as a saga. I do not think the third and fourth episodes follow the story-line set up in the first two episodes. It would be awesome if it does since I am curious what the narrator is talking about. However, I highly doubt it does. I remember reading somewhere that they also changed the design of the game, from being a comic-book style to a more old-school RPG.

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Game Demo: Aaru’s Awakening

Aaru’s Awakening is a game currently being developed by an indie game company in Iceland, called Lumenox Games. All images are property of Lumenox Games.

Aaru’s Awakening is a 2D action-adventure platformer game. It revolves around the world of Lumenox that has four realms that belong to: Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night. The balance of the world is being threatened from a menace from the realm of Night. As an attempt to restore the balance, Dawn has sent its champion to travel through the four domains (to reach Night’s domain).

Edit [16/5/15]: Aaru’s Awakening was released on Steam as a full game on the 23rd of February. 

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First Impression: Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Finally, I get away from playing Civilizations long enough to write a review about this game. The game was actually good. I was pleasantly surprised how much fun I ended up having playing the game. It might be because I liked HoMM3 or because I like turn-based strategy games in general. Only played this game for 2 days and I already clocked 11 hours, then finally won my first civilizations game with diplomacy (that Steam never recognized to give me achievement).

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Second Sight

This is a rather old game, released back in 2004. I can’t remember the last time or when I played this game. I remember stopping cause I got stuck in one level and couldn’t figure how to get around it. I still rather enjoyed it though. I think I got lost because I was terrible at the stealth aspect of the game and often lost my sense of direction.

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First Impression: Tomb Raider

There is a lot of buzz over the game Tomb Raider, which gives the origin story (in a sense) to our heroine. It begins off with her first adventure as she first experiences adventure. However, her first adventure does not go according to plan. In fact, it goes very wrong indeed.

I actually haven’t finished playing the game. Evading those Russians (darn you Russians! kidding, kidding >.<” )  is a lot more difficult than I had realized. I end up getting killed…..a lot. However, I am very impressed with the game so far. Yeah….I am still in the early beginnings of the game. I am that much of a noob in Tomb Raider so far.

*warning: potential minor spoilers*

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