We have internet!

So we got the internet working again. Turns out the internet router was having issues, luckily I had a spare router which I already set up. Let’s hope that no other issues arise in regards to the internet.

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Paper Sorcerer

So while on YouTube, I came across a small playlist of a Let’s Play for Paper Sorcerer. An indie game developed by Ultra Runaway Games. Curious about the game, I decided to check the video out which in turn got me interested enough to check the game out on the Steam Store. Seeing the price was less than $5, I figured that I might as well buy it and give it a shot. I was not expecting to end up getting so addicted to it, suddenly I found myself already playing the game for just over 4 hours on the first day alone.

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The Novelist

I remember I found this game on Steam Green-light. I was intrigued by the concept and plot of the game, that I followed it while giving it my vote. I was so thrilled when the game was finally released on December 10th.

The Novelist is a story-driven game with choice and consequences game-play. You play as a ghostly entity that happens to reside in the house that the Kaplan family come to stay for the summer. You have the ability to influence the decisions that affect the family. For better or for worse. The Novelist is so compelling due how authentic and sincere Kent Hudson’s writing is. His writing gives the game its powerful emotional affect that draws you into its story, and feeling a connection with the family in the story.

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